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Beard Transplant

Beard transplant in some words, is the surgical procedure performed in trichology clinics to ensure that you get the beard you craved for. In case you have a specific kind of beard you have in mind that you want to acquire, it’s always best to carry an image and showing it to the doctor. Communication is the most important part of trichology treatments and mismatch in expectations can lead to unwanted litigation. In this case, the doctors will take some hair from the top of the scalp to help you get that designer stubble. Once the transplantation is complete, the transplanted hair fall off in two weeks but they re-grow in three months. And this time the re-growth is permanent.

The skills of the best trichologist in Delhi are paramount for a successful outcome as the dispersement, angularity, direction of the transplanted hair is critical to get the natural look. The aim of all hair transplant procedures is to ensure that onlookers never get to know that you had a hair transplant ever. That’s the beauty of science.

Being a challenging, refined and delicate procedure, it is important that you select the right doctor from the wide database of the best hair transplant specialists in Delhi. Research the web to find the ones that have an outstanding record of treating patients with cent percent success rate.Any kind of hair transplant procedure requires 8-9 months to ensure complete recovery and bring back the confidence in the patient.

Tell us in more detail how beard transplant is carried out and its accompanying benefits?

The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi usually opt for the follicular unit extraction method that has become the gold standard for the trichology community given its effectiveness. In the initial step, the surgeon locates the donor area which is usually the back of the scalp, chest, back, abdomen. Many thousands of hairs are transplanted in an intensive clinical procedure lasting two to nine hours under local anaesthesia. Angularity, depth, positioning everything needs to be kept in mind to ensure successful transplantation from the donor side to the recipient side.

What happens after the successful conclusion of the procedure?

Once the hair starts growing back, they can be trimmed or shaved as usual. For the first five days, you must apply an antibiotic. Other topical creams, oral medications coupled with modifications in diet and lifestyle need to be made to treat the hair loss problem in totality and ensure that no relapses occur ever. Any kind of complication that the human body faces is due to imbalances in the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, nervous, neurological systems that can be triggered by internal or external factors. Internal factors include stress, emotional trauma, infections while external factors include physical injury, burns, etc. Overall beard transplant is one of those procedures that requires minimal downtime and you shall resume your regular activities in a couple of days. Heavy physical activity is not recommended as it can lead to sweating in the affected area which can trigger another infection making matters worse and recovery difficult.

Dr. P.K. Talwar

Dr. P.K. Talwar

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery, FAPS (Cosmetic Surgery)

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Dr Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

M.B.B.S, DVD, MCSI (Cosmetology)

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