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Cycle And Directives

Once the hair transplant procedure is over, you need to watch the hair re-growth cycles and see if they match with what has been prescribed before. Every person’s response to treatment is different. But we can make broad generalizations by using some conjecture or anecdotal evidence. Men are more likely to be affected with both male and female pattern baldness. Suffering from hair loss is something that most men dread but they learn to cope with it with the passage of time. Sooner or later they begin to focus more not on their hair but on other aspects of their personality.


  • There have been innumerable cases of young kids losing all their hair in childhood due to some trauma, injury, infection but they learn to live with it and even enjoy life on their own terms. It is this child-like indifference to hair loss which will guarantee speedy recovery.
  • The best hair transplant clinics are manned by doctors who will say that hair miniaturization is the first step towards growth.
  •  Humans on an average lose around 80-100 very small hairs that may not be visible to the human eye. Females lose more for obvious reasons.
  • Every hair grows at the pace of 0.44 mm/day and each hair follicle sees 10-20 cycles in a month. In one month, they may grow upto half an inch.
  • Hair loss can be triggered by drugs, medications which need to be stopped at once.

Tell us how normalcy returns to our hair with FUE/ FUP?

The best hair transplant clinic in Delhi have a strong team of doctors and medical equipment professionals that have treated thousands of cases with severe baldness. Once the patient enters the facility, a solid understanding is obtained about his condition. Surgery is resorted only when other treatments do not work and efforts of the doctor produce diminishing returns. Some patients need counselling that surgery will solve their appearance problems and this kind of patients run the risk of spoiling their appearance owing to mismatch between the doctor and the patient. Non-surgical methods can also yield good results and the long-term benefit of the patient needs to be kept in mind before suggesting any solution.

Normalcy returns through these three phases

  • Telogen:  The first fortnight after the treatment need patients to apply antibiotics for five days,and there might be slight redness, swelling, pain which is mild.
  • Anagen: Day 15 to day 125 of the procedure sees transplanted hair falling off and new hair coming up. Redness, swelling, pain is all a thing of the past with thin three-inch-long hairs with curvatures developing.
  • Catagen: It’s that phase where hair follicles are dormant for two weeks before regrowing in the telogen phase.

Sleeping in elevated position, avoiding highly strenuous exercise, staying away from alcohol, smoking, wearing hats before going out and applying sunscreens are the general precautions you need to take. Avoid spicy food, avoid too much stress at work, reduce stress by taking on less work and giving more attention to your body will deliver high returns in the future.

Dr. P.K. Talwar

Dr. P.K. Talwar

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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