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Effects Of Hair Loss

Hair loss has a devastating effect on the psyche of a person, especially men as it is more prominent and they find it hard to conceal it even by changing hairstyles. Hair loss if it is progressive can be handled easily without the help of a mental health professional but sudden hair loss due to diseases like cancer, enlarged prostate, vehicular accidents can cause sudden hair loss that can upset any male or female mentally.Women associate long, flowing hair with beauty, charm, elegance and sensuality. If the hair begins to thin after pregnancy, they need moral support to handle it apart from medical intervention.  In this day and age, it is important for you to look appealing to the other partner and hair loss is a big roadblock in that direction. For men too good looking, strong fluffy shiny hair are a reflection of youth, virility and charm. Even the very thought of greying, thinning or loss of hair can be dep ressing for men and they don’t want to think of it.Certain medications prescribed by doctors for enlarged prostates or male pattern baldness can cause a dip in sexual desire or inability to perform with the same level of energy. But these are temporary side effects and they wither away after medicines are stopped and the patient is back to normal.

Here’s how you can tackle the Problem

  • Walk into the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi and you will find patients who have otherwise succeeded in all walks of life confess that the stress associated with hair loss lasts long and the embarrassment is never-ending.
  • Most patients cannot speak about it as usually others tell them about it before they know it. But those who do get more insights about the flaws in their understanding of the complication and it’s quite cathartic.
  • You will feel less afraid about the future and learn to live with hair loss. If the doctor is confident about arresting hair loss and you follow the regimen prescribed religiously, then psoriasis will be a thing of the past.
  • The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi recommend high performing male and female executives who have been psychologically hit by hair loss to embrace talk therapy. Clinical psychologists make a living out of making people talk else the pent up emotions create toxins in the body causing more stress which can worsen every disease.

Focus on other aspects of your personality not just hair

Speak to a hair stylist, if he can give you a different hairstyle that can shift an onlooker’s attention. Moreover having a great body can always compensate for lack of hair and it works for both men and women.You will realize that your friends, family members will overlook the fact that you have lost your hair and focus on the person you are. Stick to the regimen prescribed by the doctor and sooner or later you will see results. You have to keep fighting the problem incessantly in order to make your weakness into strength.

Dr. P.K. Talwar

Dr. P.K. Talwar

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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