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Hair Loss

Hair fall can be a very embarrassing situation for any male or female. And the sad part is that others get to know about it before you do. Since it is a very common affliction, there is nothing to despair as there are numerous remedies available. So high is the number of queries on the web for “hair transplant doctor in Delhi’ and ‘hair transplant clinic in Delhi’ that cosmetic, companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare giants have been jolted into action. You can now find hair loss treatment at every price point in India.  Depending on the severity of the baldness, both surgical and non-invasive forms of treatment are prescribed to the patients.

Why does hair loss happen?

No single factor can be pointed out as the source of hair loss. It is always a complex interplay of factors that result in hair loss for both men and women.

  • Usually age-related hair loss begins after30 in men and women, though it can start early also due to irregular production of hormones in the body. Prolonged illness, injury to the skull and other such factors also contribute to recurring hair loss.
  • Stress due to personal or professional issues is also an important factor that contributes to hair loss.  If a person is under prolonged stress for a long period of time, then it definitely can trigger hair loss in both men and women.
  • With both men and women shouldering equal responsibilities at home and work, it is quite plausible that both husband and wife might experience hair loss.
  • Men try to conceal it by wearing caps or going completely bald while women have a hard time concealing it so they go for blunt cuts to shorten the hair and make hair loss less visible.

With passing age, it becomes harder to maintain long hair and the thinning, reduction in volume of the hair leave women with no option but to cut their hair short. Celebrities try to wear wigs in order to conceal hair loss.

Greying of hair can be concealed through colouration but hair fall is hard to conceal and medical intervention is necessary.

How do I get to know that my hair is falling and I need urgent attention?

Usually, it’s the people you live, work with who will tell you about thinning or falling of hair. You should immediately try and apply oil as frequently as possible to open pores that will allow fresh, new hair to grow as the blocked pores have been opened up.

  • If you still see hair in the comb, on the pillow and the in the shower, then you should take note of it and consult a hair transplant doctor in Delhi urgently.
  • Balding may appear non-existent in the beginning but in some cases it spreads rapidly going out of control and severely cripples your self-confidence.
  • Women have it better as they can change their hairstyle during the treatment horizon and then revert back to their original style after successful conclusion of the hair loss treatment in Delhi.
Dr. P.K. Talwar

Dr. P.K. Talwar

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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