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Hair Transplant Stages And Crafts

If you are reading this chances are that you are contemplating hair loss surgery very soon in the near future. If you have been suffering from severe hair loss that is not responding to non-surgical treatments, then surgical intervention either through FUT/FUE may be desirable. Here we have tried to adopt an unbiased approach and given readers an idea of hair transplant stages and the timeline of recovery for the first one year for any patient suffering from acute hair loss.

Tell us more about the various stages of hair transplant?

Supply of donor hair and the peculiar characteristics of the hair of every person has a bearing on the recovery period. Hair re-growth goes on for a period of two to six years after transplant

  • Telogen: This is the name given to the period referring to the first two weeks after the transplantation procedure. In this phase, the transplanted hair actually falls but since the tissues and hair follicles have been grafted, they re-grow a fresh set of hair.
  • Anagen: The second phase begins after the first phase is over ad lasts for three months wherein the hair follicles start producing hair at the rate of half an inch per month. Recovery period varies from person to person. More grafting, if needed to get the desired volume is decided at this stage by the trichologist.
  • Catagen:   It begins after anagen and lasts for two weeks when your hair is dormant and there is no hair fall.

What is the timeline for recovery after surgery and how long does it last?

Hair loss therapy is not a quick fix job and you need to focus on all aspects of your health to reverse the hair loss symptoms permanently.

  • Day 1-5:  Patients might experience slight swelling on front and back of the forehead. Slight redness in places where incisions were made will be seen.
  • Day 6-10: A thin crust forms wherever incisions were made and these crusts are removed by soaking the grafts and rubbing it with fingers. At the end of the tenth day all soaking is gone and sutures also are removed.
  • Day 10-31:  Transplanted hair start falling and at the end of the first month all are gone.
  • 2nd-4th month:  Hair follicles are at rest but they regrow in the form of thin hair, redness starts diminishing.
  • 5Th-9th month: Thin hair starts growing up to a height of three inches and they can be combed or groomed.
  • After one year: 80% of the hair has grown back and these hairs also have a curvature to them because of the scarring at recipient sites.
  • After two years:  Hair achieves full growth in terms of volume and they start looking like natural hair.

After seeing the above table, it is clear that patients need to avail top notch expertise and get it right in the first time itself. Search for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi and ask as much questions as you can to prepare yourself mentally for the long haul.

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