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Male Pattern Baldness

Understanding male pattern baldness can help you reduce the anxiety associated with it and deal with embarrassments in a better manner. Every kind of male pattern baldness is reversible through surgical and non-surgical methods. The key to maximum confidence is knowledge of the complication that has afflicted you. By reading more about it and talking more the complication with friends and family members, you will gain deeper insights into the whole set of factors that trigger hair loss.

What exactly is male patterns baldness in simple terms?

If you ask any hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, they will tell you that genetics and heredity play an important role in male pattern baldness. It can be passed on from either side of the family tree. This complication is triggered when di-hydrotestoterone, which is a by-product of testosterone, attaches itself to the hair follicles causing them to either become thin or fall of with the passage of time. The resulting situation is that hair loss is usually at the temples and the patient experiences an “M’ shaped baldness.  If you consult the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi you will be advised to go for either surgical or non-surgical modes of treatment depending on the severity of the condition or the speed of hair loss. In some patients, male pattern baldness is progressive but in some other cases, it is rapid which can be very unsettling for the patient. Certain medications for enlarged prostate and cancer coupled with chemotherapy cause temporary hair loss but it stops once the medications are stopped. 

My father has a receding hairline; will i also become bald?

There is no fixed guarantee that you will become bald but chances are high so you need to be careful. Look out for gradual thinning of hair, any hair on the pillow or the shower and you will get a hunch if something is wrong. Most of the time, others will tell you first about even a minor decrease in hair volume. There is almost no hair loss on the back and sides of the scalp. Most hair loss is at the temples or the centre of the scalp causing a horse –shoe shaped male pattern baldness. It can either be a general thinning of the hair or result in a thinning crown.

What are the treatment options available?

Oral medications like fineastride, hair restoration creams, and oils are prescribed which open the pores to aid in collagen production. Amongst surgical methods follicular unit extraction where hair from one section of the scalp are graft to the areas affected by baldness is popular. Around thirty years back researchers had predicted that recipient areas have the potential to grow hair in the same manner from where they were originally grafted. No sutures or invasions need to be made and the doctor only removes the root cell without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Even hair from the nape of the neck can be grafted causing minimum discomfort. Just small microscopic scars occur in the donor area of 1mm which heals with the passage of time.

Dr. P.K. Talwar

Dr. P.K. Talwar

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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